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Week 3- IDEATE

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Cecilia Bernal
24 January 2013

This week I felt a bit overwhelmed by all new information, so I decided that my only outcome would be :

  • Understand and assimilate the new concepts in  design process and pedagogical approaches.

I started by downloading the Course Features Card, and watching the video with instructions of how to use them. There are 2 activities and it is recommended to make them in group. :

1. Choose a maximum of 12 cards from the pack of +40 which define key features of
your course or module. The cards are grouped into four categories :
- Guidance and Support (marked GS / coloured Orange)
- Content and Experience (marked CE / coloured Blue)
- Communication and Collaboration (marked CC / coloured Green)
- Reflection and Demonstration (marked RD / coloured Purple)

2. Choose 16 cards from the pack which define key features of your
course or module. Work individually or in a team to assemble the 16
cards into a diamond shape with the most important feature at the top
and the least important at the bottom. This will help you determine the
relative importance of each aspect and where your priorities lie. As you
build the diamond, note down any design decisions you make.

After the activity with the cards, another document is available: The Course Map Spreadsheet. This template can be filled in with the elements of the course in terms of:

  • Guidance/support
  • Content/experience
  • Reflection/demonstration
  • Communication/collaboration

There’s an extra spreadsheet: the Activity Profile: shows a dynamic chart by completing the amount of time you consider students will spend in the different types of Activities. I made a list of the tasks related to each activity:

Activities                             Tasks
Assimilation                             Think, Whatch,Listen,Observe, Review
Finding and Handling information  List/ Collect, Analize, Order/ Clasify, Access, Find, Use
Communication                  Communicate, Debate, Share, Collaborate, Argue, Present, Report
Production                              Design/ Create, Build/ Make, Write/ draw, Construct / Product / Remix
Experiential                              Explore/ Investigate, Apply, Experience, Perform, Mimic, Engage
Interactive                             Explore/ Investigate Trial, Improve, Model, Simulate
Assessment                             Write, Present, Demonstrate, Report, Critique

After these 3 activities, we’re invited to create our own Toolkit by choosing from the Toolbox cloud, where I found lots of activities, methods, resources and tools.

For lessons planning, I started using CompendiumLD. It’s a free learning design editor, a  software tool for designing learning activities using a flexible visual interface. I downloaded to my laptop, couldn’t find a portable or online version :(

Afer these 3 weeks, I realized the time I dedicate to the MOOC is for reading and assimilating things. Just that, I wish I were productive like other participants, but my lack of experience in this field, makes me take an extra time for understand new concepts.

Regarding the Project I had joined, “Will this help me learn”, I feel we’re stucked. We were seven in the group, but for some reason, no one has develope activities from weeks 2 and 3 (included me). I had some ideas, but find difficult to go on without forehand design (scenarios, context, course map, etc).

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Cecilia Bernal
6:13pm 31 January 2013 (Edited 6:19pm 31 January 2013)

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