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Keylor: Scenario: Collaborative Reading

Cloud created by:

Keylor Murillo Moya
25 January 2013


This work by the OLDSMOOC Week 2 team is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


1) Brainstorm components of your scenario


Actors: Participants in my design will share a common interest in literature, especially in Latin American and Spanish literature. They will be native Spanish speakers or advanced students of Spanish as a second language. They will also be able to use a range of online tools and resources like Google Apps, web conferencing tools, collaborative writing and document sharing.

 Goals: The main goal of this design is to read, discuss and analise literary texts collaboratively. These texts will be in Spanish and will come from Latin American and Spanish authors. The project also focuses on learning about the different authors, genres and literary movements from Spain and Latin America.

 Settings: the course will take place online. We will use Google Apps to read, comment, discuss and write texts. Among the tools required are Google Hang Out, Google Drive, Google Sites and Gmail.

 Objects: computer, internet connection, headset, microphone, webcam and possibly, a printer.

 Actions:  Participants first will go to the course website, read the information and send an email to register. They will use the course website to receive materials, activities and be allocated to groups. Participants will meet on Google Hang Out to read and discuss texts and also use forums to discuss texts with other people. They will also use Google Drive and Google Hang Out to write conclusions from their meetings. 

 Events: online discussions, online collaboration, peer-to-peer feedback, collaborative writing and web conferencing.

 Results: participants will gain knowledge about Spanish and Latin American literature and also new skills to analise literary texts. At the end of the course they will receive a certificate of participation. 

 Your design: this design will introduce participants to Spanish and Latin American literature using online tools and working collaboratively. The design will be based on that of MOOC but with the difference of not being 'massively' open: a sort of OOC.



 Things to consider: What kind of certificate should participants receive? Badges? How will participants be assessed? Accessibility issues? Support?


TITLE: Collaborative Reading


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