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Persona: Amani

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Iwona G
25 January 2013

* Name: Amani
Gender: F
Age: 35
Arrived in Canada 6 months ago. Lives in Ericsdale, a small town of 500, Manitoba, with a 7-yr old son. Her husband works as a doctor.
Education and experience Engineer from  Egypt
Role and responsibilities Stay-at-home mother
Technical skills High digital literacy skills
Subject domain skills and knowledge Civil engineering
Motivation and desires She dreams of having her engineering credentials recognized in Canada.
Goals and expectations She wants to improve her English skills online because there are no face2face classes where she lives. She wants to connect with other women in similar situations so she can find friends,learn and practise with them. She doesn’t know anyone and doesn’t get out of the house too much. Feels a bit insecure of her language skills and forming new relationships with strangers.
Obstacles to their success Language skills - to start a bridging program she needs level 8  in all four language skills, currently she has level 7.  She participates in online classes but every time sees new faces, which makes it hard or even impossible to befriend someone. She tried exchanging Skype addresses but didn’t hear from the other ladies.
She’s learning a lot on her own by taking on self-study courses and communicating with e-Facilitators on a regular basis.
Unique assets Highly motivated and committed, driven.


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Briar Jamieson
4:24am 25 January 2013

Iwona, seems very complete. Are you designing your P2P dream bazaar project for this learner? I think using the EoR framework for Amani would help. I find I want to know more about her PLE, this might be helpful to understanding more about her context (vs Force map?, but maybe my bias), is force map coming?

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