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Meg's project scenario (modified extract only)

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Meg Colasante
25 January 2013

Apologies for sharing so little of my scenario detail as populated in my (private) Google Drive due to commercial sensativities, using the 'Basic Scenario Components Template'. While my scenario already has "X" usage, for eg, this excerpt is even further stripped of identifiers. 

When Week 2 has been importantly about 'context', much od the context is lost here because of my use of modified extract only. All i can do is apologise again.... However, I have 'made it real' and full of context for my own learning benefit in my private detailing, which I usually leave as organic notes in a notebook until I get further into the design process. Formallising the context earlier has been quite a valuable exercise.

Actors: (who is involved?)

Omar is an 18yo school leaver, who has recently .... to complete a trade ... . He has arrived straight from ... [initial] training, and is about to start his trade training full-time, based at X where he also lives in with other budding trades-people, mostly male.

Goals: (why?)

Omar wants to complete his trade ... with the supports that ... can provide. He thinks he’ll probably work ... [there] until a mid-career change to .... The ... contracts ... to design and develop the trade training Omar will receive (plus another 4 related trades). In an oxymoron of sorts, they want their staff to receive innovative training but within an initial 90:10 face-to-face:online/self-paced ratio, with a 10% increase in self-paced learning per year.

Settings: (where & when?)

Most of the action happens in X, due to the initial 90:10 learning ratio (face-2-face:online), but students also have access to some online materials from their tablets in the classroom. X includes classroom facilities and workshop and ... settings, supported with training aids including both simulated and real ... equipment. A stand-alone LMS and server is provided that the ... are used to, but most in the LD consortium are not familiar with.
Note: the first class is made up of a mix of different ... and ... trades-people in training, learning common subjects but needing some contextualisation to their own vocational needs.

Your design: (what role does your design play?)

Our learning design will:

  • allow for a first course delivery of common subjects to 11 different ... / ... trade streams, including contextualisation to render the learning meaningful and relevant to all (TBD whether by range of case examples, scenarios, equipment examples and interactions, other)
  • support innovative development (within .../client driven restrictions) of (for each course cluster):
    • teacher instruction guide
    • teaching instructor aids:
      • presentation/online learning objects (media assets/modules)
      • on-site at X simulators and real equipment to practice/learn/formatively assess and provide feedback
    • learning support media in dedicated LMS:
      • supportive/practice/remedial media assets/modules
      • formative assessment tasks
  • allow for student achievement to the level (1-4) stipulated in the contract with the ... and:
    • evidence required (eg: for level 4)
    • making explicit next steps (eg: for level 3, make explicit what on-the-job assessment activity and supervision would be necessary to follow-up with to achieve level 4)

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