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Our team has completed the Thursday exercise, please see the link to google docs

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This asks some interesting questions

This asks some interesting questions

added by Chris Basson


Chris Basson
12:49pm 25 January 2013

Hi Alice 

I have added the spreadsheet where we need to plan pedagogical activities per week. I cannot complete all the information as we have not yet discussed the total duration ect. I completed it seems that there are so many things that we have not yet discussed. Look at the document I completed (download it in Excel it works the best) I might have been too lenient with some of the categories.

Chris Basson
8:14am 26 January 2013


It seems to me that we have to decide on a pedagogical approach. (Transmission or constructivist)

If we go the constructivist route we will have some interesting challenges: pedagogy.pdf

Alice (Xin) Huang
8:17am 27 January 2013

Hi Chris, 

Nice work! The spreadsheet looks good. We can have a skype session tomorrow, evenging for me, and morning for you? I mean Monday. And I agree with you that Transmission model seems better fitting our project. Let's go with this model. 


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