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Person for F.E Course design

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elisabetta Lando
25 January 2013


* Name: jANE
Gender: f
Lives in   highgate ,London, architect husband, 3 children,...
Likes : cocktails,cats, theatre, travel
Education and experience Studied law and then worked in Italy as a journalist for an English  newspaper. She then met her husband in Milan . She stopped working for 15 years  while having her children.  Retrained as a teacher for adult learners and was deemed outstanding  and she was offered teaching work by the provider that trained her.
Role and responsibilities Sessional tutor -very respected and motivated . ALways thinks of the learners first. Does ILPs ,sets homework,tutorials and tends to spend quite a lot of time after the lesson helping learners with queries (some of which are about personal issues)
Technical skills Good computer skills generally, spends time creating good resources.
Subject domain skills and knowledge Languages,writing skills- literacy
Very precise in her work and takes a lot of time in presentation,differentiated materials , inclusion ...
Motivation and desires Really enjoys the teaching and cares for her learners.  She works very hard at promoting activities outside the providers to get her them nvolved in the community. She focuses on the hard  to reach learners such as the older learner or learners with refugee status.
Goals and expectations She is not quite sure- she likes what she does but she always turns down the opportunity for a more full time position as she feels she will not be able to keep up with the administrative demands within her organisation( despite her manager being keen to get her on on a more permanent basis)
Obstacles to their success She feels that online learning is beyond the reach of some of her learners and that it will further emphasize the inequality of opportunity and learning for the hard to reach group of learners that she is advocates.
Unique assets Excellent communication skills and good teaching methodology-

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