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Scenario-based learning design

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Nuno Ricardo Oliveira
25 January 2013

TITLE: web 2.0 vs teaching 2.0

Actors (who is involved?)

Teachers in primary and secondary school education

Team of facilitators - depending on the number of teachers/participants to enroll.



Goals (why?)

Train teachers to create more attractive dynamic digital resources to use in the classroom.



Settings (where & when?)

The training will take place in post-working hours for a period of 4 weeks. This project aims to be firstly a version in the b-learning system, to facilitate the integration of teachers who have more difficulty or are more adverse to novelty and innovation. . But during the weeks the regime will tend to direct into the e-learning system.



Objects (what things are involved?)

Computer / Desktop / tablet PC/ notebook / iPhone / smartphone, Internet connection, course platform, email and free Web 2.0 tools.


Actions (what happens to actors?)

The course is provided by the Teachers’ Training Centre, through the Ministry of Education and announced in every school.


Events (what do actors do?)

After a registration on the platform that will serve as the basis of the course, students will be asked to perform various tasks to be published in digital e-portfolio. They are then called to reflect and share ideas on thematic forums on the tools in use. The facilitators will give feedback in a maximum period of 24 hours.


Results (what is achieved?)

Realization of digital resources using Web 2.0 tools to make an e-portfolio with all the digital resources used by participants, these separated by areas of interest.


Your design: (what role does your design play?)

The project is to help teachers produce more attractive and creative digital resources with the use of web 2.0 tools in order to assist in their teaching roles.

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