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This is how I think that is possible to work online. See the link.

  • Activities = Select 10 sheet musics and send by mail for each of the participants. Give 2 weeks to each musician play the songs.
  • Design methods =Each musician plays at home with the help of some videos from youtube. Then they will record his part in audacity and send to the teacher.
  • Resources = Song book, web cam, an account of e-mail and youtube, and the intrument.
  • Tools = software to support learning design, youtube, audacity, movie maker.


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Iwona G
9:11pm 27 January 2013

Hi Ricardo, What an interesting project! How about a synchronous group activity to add variety? Skype works well with small groups. I would also encourage students to do some peer-to-peer practice. Hope this helps, Iwona

Sancha de Burca
10:06am 28 January 2013

Hello Ricardo, I thought that your slide really helped me to understand the idea. I agree with Iwona that a group activity would be good - would it help with timing etc or do you feel that the YouTube videos would cover that? It is kind of quirky that musicians from potentially anywhere come together virtually to record a piece of music!


Nathalie Sylvie Caroline Ferret
11:25am 28 January 2013

Hi Ricardo! A very good idea and beginning of project! It seem's that you found fellow mates with interesting ideas for you to improve it even more! I will follow with great interest your work. e-kisses :D

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