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Scenario for DIY MUltimedia Project Group

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Morris Pamplin
27 January 2013

My drafted scenario, written partly as a brainstorming activity for the DIY MUltimedia project group. here, I've tried to bring to life some of my ideas for why I like this project, and how it could be relevant to my work. Actors: Ellie is a lecturer in Sociology at a university. She teaches a core module on social theory to a large undergraduate course. Goals: She wants to use video to explain and illustrate the theories she teaches on the course. These videos should briefly summarise the theory and then put it into context by creating and illustrating an example of the theory in practice. The videos should also prompt students to think about how this made- up example relates to the required reading each week. Settings: Ellie imagines students using the videos at home, at the start of the course or during the week in between lectures and the seminars. She will create the videos over summer before the course starts in the autumn term. Objects: Ellie expects students would use the videos outside of class times so they would need a device to playback the videos - laptop, PC or tablet etc. Ellie would need equipment to record and publish the pieces: a handheld camera or screen capture software and a webcam/USB microphone. She would need access to a podcasting service or a similar online service to store and host the videos. Actions: Ellie has tried searching YouTube, TED and other resources for similar videos but has decided she needs to create her own because she needs the videos to be short, focussed and to link together. She begins writing the script of the first video. Events: Ellie finishes the script. It is 3 pages long and will be about 10 minutes when read out. She then creates a powerpoint presentation intending to us a screen capture system to record herself talking over the powerpoint slides. She finds a free online service and begins to make the first recording. It is really difficult to get through more than a couple of minutes without making a mistake but the software only allows one-shot recording with no facility for editing. Results: Ellie realises she will have to use a different process for creating the videos. She needs to be able to sequence several different shots into one piece. She also needs a learning design approach which will encourage students watching the video to ask themselves questions as they watch. Your design: Ellie needs technical advice on how to create the videos, but also needs a pedagogic framework which can help her make these videos into learning resources. 2) Develop a narrative scenario/s Introduce actors and goals, describe the settings, put the events in order... Ellie is a sociology lecturer teaching a core module to first year undergraduates on social theory. She has found in previous years that students find the reading for the course challenging, much of the required reading for the course is dense theory and students have difficulty imagining how such theories might be used to explain “real life” examples. She decides that for the coming year she would like to try using multimedia to illustrate and explain the concepts covered on the course. She happened across some videos of interviews with leading academics discussing economics and would love to find something similar for sociology. However, after a lot of searching online she can’t find anything completely relevant to the topics covered in her course. She wants these videos to help students understand the reading for the course, not to seem like extra reading in themselves, so it is important that the videos are focussed and relevant to the content of the course. She decides to create the video resources herself. The course reading list, module guide and lectures are already prepared and will need little adaptation for the coming year. Ellie therefore decides she just needs to script the videos, prepare the made-up examples to illustrate each concept, and record them. One week later she has scripted the first video and devised the example which will feature in it. She has also created a powerpoint presentation which she envisages will show in the video as she talks. She finds some free online software to use for screencapture and makes a first attempt at recording the video. It is very difficult; she finds it hard to talk without making mistakes and has to continually start over again. There is no facility for online editing. Also, Ellie feels that in this format the videos are more like recorded mini-lectures whereas she imagined them being more like short films almost a bit like documentaries. She wants to build in questions to the students watching the videos and isn’t sure how she can do this with the current set up she is using. Ellie needs technical advice because she realises that each video may have to be made up of several different shots or takes and she’s unsure how she could achieve this. However, beyond technical advice she also thinks she needs some advice on scripting and structuring the videos because there is the potential for them to be less useful to students as she first hoped. She wants the videos to help bring the theories “to life” for students and encourage students to think about them in real-world examples. 3) Scrutinize your scenario & revise as necessary What claims are you making: for your designs? about context? about the people involved? etc... Do these hold up? Summarise your claims below particularly those that you feel need more support. Questions: - The design needs to give practical advice on two fronts: what tools/equipment would be best for this project? How should these videos be scripted to avoid passive watching, and to encourage the kind of learning the lecturer wants to take place? - Can an individual with little or no experience creating multimedia realistically achieve this project? Is her knowledge of the subject matter enough or will she need to work with a colleague, perhaps an instructional designer or learning technologist?

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