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Reflections 27/01/13

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Morris Pamplin
27 January 2013

Slim pickings so far in terms of records of my learning or reflections on this MOOC. S far, it's been too much just trying to keep up with the activit it's each week, and staying in contact with my superb project group. In week 2 we worked on scenarios and personas for our nascent project, guidance materials for DIY multimedia. For me, as I suspect for other people, this was an opportunity to convey what we hope to get of this project by ideating typical scenarios. That's what I think I'e done anyway. I think, however, that its helped the group to work on something concrete and several ingesting issues have come up around the convergence between learning design and inclusive design of multimedia. Already behind on week 3, I'm trying to get to grips with some of the material to do with scenarios, before I get further behind with new material. In the true style of this MOOC, what I'm reading ( was suggested by a team member. It's potentially an intensely useful tool for thinking about student moodle inductions and how these can be embedded further into the curriculum. Totally irrelevant to the issues at hand and possibly something to explore elsewhere.

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