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Les Cowley:olds-MOOC Week 2 Summary of Planning

A Post-planner and review of week 2 topic of context

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Leslie Jacobs Cowley
27 January 2013

"Better late than never" 

This is, essentially, being done out of sequence, since some of these "plans" have already been completed but it seems too useful an exercise to skip. My planned time for these activities has been hampered by a number of different factors, (work) including end of semester marking, supporting students, preparing for focus group meeting on use of Sharepoint, revising current content/issues on Blackboard, Staff development; (personal) lots of logs needing split - weather is getting colder, and spending 3+ hours on the phone/email re-connecting with some long lost friends over the last few days. So, how is this relevant to this week's topic of context? 

  1. Understanding more about my organisation's technical infrastructure - a key element of context for staff & students.
  2. By spending time talking to students with context in my mind is helping me consolidate my understanding of  the idea/purpose/usefulness of personas. One particular student gave me her education life history. Sometimes when one is mindful of current objectives, opportunities seem to land on one's lap - opportunities that would otherwise be missed.
  3. My long lost friends were part of my peer group during my "formative" years. I found myself reflecting on my past experiences and how I learned/shared/internalised/externalised during that time. They were a huge part of that and when I discussed this research with them they were very supportive and helpful. Also, great to be back in touch with like minds.
  4. If I didn't take time out to chop some logs - I'd freeze here! "Chop wood, carry water"

Week 2 Activities

  • Garner better understanding of context by reading suggested materials and investigate others
  • Continue to explore design methods used in other disciplines with context in mind
  • Explore and try to internalise Checklist from: V. KAPTELININ, B. NARDI AND C. MACAULAY methods & tools
  • Examine the concept of Force Maps

  • Gain an understanding of Ecology of Resources



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