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Week 3 OLDsMOOC initial thoughts and thanks

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Sue Watling
28 January 2013

Monday still feels like the start of a new OLDsMOOC week; which is unfortunate as this leaves only three days in OLDsMOOC time! 

Loads more good work being done by the group members. Congratulations on finding the time to engage so well. I have to admit to struggling a little to keep up and have blogged today on the similarity with the line in the Stevie  Smith poem ‘Not Waving but Drowning’

I’ve also been wondering if I’ve misunderstood OLDsMOOC; is it more about the online tools to support learning design than learning design for online learners? It would be interesting to share thoughts on this. Let me know what you think

Jonathan’s Personas usefully draw our attention to the practical realities of OLD. Thanks for this Jonathan. The next step seems to be to visualise or represent our designs for learning using ‘ideate’ tools and beginning the creation of our own toolbox see OLDsMOOC Week 3 Any thoughts on the 7 C's of learning design?

Several people on OLDsMOOC (including DIY Multimedia) are using AnswerGarden. Sharing practice with different tools and trying them out is one of the strengths on this course although after getting lost in Cloudworks as well as Google; the Facebook group on demonstrated how a familiar environment enhances engagement!  

We now have a selection of possible scenarios/personas and a choice of working with either one of these or one of our own during Week 3 - which ever feels the most manageable. 

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