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Week 3 learning: Tool review: Co-Gen

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Alice (Xin) Huang
29 January 2013

As a team, Chris and I tried out Co-Gen tool, below is Chris's summary of our experience with this tool. 


Our team (me and Alice (Xin) Huang )wanted to use the Co-Gen T tool ( for creating high level outcomes for our learning design. We saw the post of Sheila MacNeill ( regarding a variant of the tool (


My experience of Co-Gen T was that it was not user friendly in its layout and the feedback to the user seems to be very complicated.

Our team used Discernability to create high-level outcomes instead.  Our experience of it was that it is a very responsive and user friendly tool. It is easy to use and it gives you a wide range of options connected to keywords to assist in the creation of high level outcomes. It assists in ranking the complexity of the outcome to make it easy to determine the level of engagement of the learner with the content. It is as easy as selecting the outcome and adding it to your basket. When you are done you can click on the basket and all your outcomes are displayed on one screen ( From here you can print or email it easily.

We used this tool quite successfully while having a conversation over Skype. It helped in the facilitation of communicating a common understanding. I can highly recommend it.


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