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Reflection on MOOC so far - 29th january

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Cristina Neto
29 January 2013

Now I think is time for a relection on my participation on OLDS MOOC.

Although as interesting as it has been, the work on MOOC has revealed a bit hard. I've tried to get along with most of the activities but it has been difficult to keep up with. For a beginner, the amount of activity is far too more than I'm able to be aware of and I haven't been able to find a study group or a team to partner with. Contacts with other participants are sporadic and don't follow up.

Anyway, it is very exciting to watch all discussions that are getting along, even though I can't read everything. I've been observing that most of the more active participants are really experts on e-learning and learning design and they seem to have large experience on working and developing this kind of activities. I feel like an outsider, as my experience is strictly restricted to being an online student and a traditional teacher, although I've been using ICT in my classes for a very long time (I've even been a ICT teacher...), and the work and studies we've been doing in our Master Degree, but it's not the same thing. I guess we all have to have a starting point....

About the activities I've been developing:

I find it very useful the framing of the scenario and persona for the design of a learning activity. It really makes us focus on the learning outcome we desire and kind of facilitates our work by restricting our options, focusing on our learners. I'm expecting this will really help me to design the learning activity I'm supposed to.

Well, let's go on and (try to) be ready for whatever comes next.


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