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Week 3 Learning

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Chris Basson
29 January 2013

The three words that would sum up week 3 for me was:

1) Abundance
There was so much content to consider and reflect on and with the limited time available I could not go through the whole list of clouds in the Cloudscape. I focussed on tools a primarily because that is my interest and I also met an abundance of there.

2) Stop!
I would have loved to spend more time in this Cloudscape because I loved every minute I spent there. I would definitely come back when more time is available to revisit the content I did not get to.

3) Frustration
I am an optimist and I don't want to be a moaner so it is with some sense of breaching my own values that I have to arm it it was frustrating at times. I clicked on a number of links that did not work and encountered at least two tools that was not accessible. From a user experience this made me less enthusiastic about the week's learning. 

I liked this week's learning because it was practical. Theory is very interesting but this was nice to focus on the practical application of theory and to share your experiences with the rest of the people.

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Sheila MacNeill
7:46pm 30 January 2013

Hi Chris Really like you three words! Frustration a good point, the toolbox incredibly useful but only if it is managed - is that a community/personal responsibility? How do we all make sure that this is done? Sheila

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