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Week 3 learning Tool review: Cadmos

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Alice (Xin) Huang
29 January 2013

Chris and I had tested another fantastic tool: CADMOS.  Chris did a summary of our findings and post in the Imagining the Design cloudworks. I made a copy here just for my reference. 


We (me and Alice (Xin) Huang) looked at the CADMOS Tool (


  • It is a Flash enabled tool and does not need to be installed on a PC.
  • It is relatively easy to use, i was able to navigate and create content with the tool by spending less than 30 minutes exploring it.
  • There are a number of ready made templates to use or edited.  The option is also there to create the content from scratch.
  • There are two views; The conceptual model view and LD Flow model. It is a neat tool that enables you to visually see and structure conceptual points into a flow diagram.
  • Activities can be created with Prerequisites, Type of activity and Actors  specified all linked to a learning goal.
  • Complex tasks or sequences can easily be handled.
  • Activities can be arranged sorting them by phase.
  • Resources can be allocated to activities.
  • You are able to export your design to Moodle.

Weak points

  • It can only deal with 10 Prerequisites and Learning Goals. It becomes a limitation in complex designs.
  • It only allows you to select one learning goal per activity, Sometimes more than one learning goal is addressed by ans activity but only one may be selected.
  • It becomes congested with complex designs and the flow of tasks cannot be easily adjusted.
  •   Using the Rules feature in the flow model does not provide you with a clear description of their use or application. It can also not be consistently applied to Sequences for example.


The value of a tool is in its usability and we could not agree on this point. I personally would not use it again as I feel it to be too restrictive for me. Alice, who has a better understanding of Moodle than I do, was highly in favor of the tool and would definitely use it again. No tool is perfect but it is definitely worth taking a look at. We were able to create a conceptual model within an hour.( (you need to open it with CADMOS)



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