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Teacher-led Inquiry and Learning Design: The Grand Challenge(s)

29 January 2013

Developing a Grand Challenge from an Alpine Rendezvous workshop

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Rebecca Ferguson
29 January 2013

Grand Challenges are:

  • Practical - linked to a real problem
  • Relevant - to European educational systems or to European society in general
  • Clearly and strongly stated
  • Associated with obvious long-term benefits
  • Able to be addressed using a step-by-step approach
  • Timely - possible and perhaps urgent now, whereas not possible or relevant in the pas
  • Measurable
  • Attractive - can attract interest and funding
  • Sufficiently large scale to require a Europe-wide effort

Our work in progress (Monday):

  • How can we use evidence to support learning design?
  • How can we support the learner experience?
  • How can we suport different stakeholders to work together on co-design?
  • How can we support evaluation and refinement of learning designs?
  • How do we train teachers to engage effectively in co-design and to mentor others?
  • How can we use learning design and analytics to empower teachers?
  • How can we integrate the learning design lifecycle within the working life of teachers?

  • Can we develop tools to support teachers throughout the lifetime of their learning design – from the macro to the micro level?

  • Can we develop tools to support teachers to engage in and reflect on learning design?

Our work in progress (Tuesday):

Challenge: Empower the future teacher


  • Enable good decisions about technology
  • Innovative from practice
  • Knowledge from research
  • Creative
  • Reflective


  • Make teaching a more attractive profession
  • Rebundled learning
  • Improve teachers’ working life
  • Accumulating knowledge about teaching

What we need to produce

  • Grand Challenge Problem formulation (short title & a description of about 150 words, including main goals)
  • Problems of the European education system that are addressed, and long-term benefits for society (100 words)
  • Main activities to address this Grand Challenge Problem (up to 200 words)
  •  Timeframe (up to 50 words)
  •  Measurable progress/success indicators (up to 100 words)
  •  How can funding be attracted? (up to 100 words)

Extra content

Ideas for a Grand Challenge (dchazan, barbara.wasson, pdessus, raija.h.hamalainen, daniel.spikol, davinia.hernandez-leo)

•Empower the future teacher

•Main goals:
–Enabling good decision about technology
–Innovative from practice
–Knowledge from research
–Creative, reflective

–Attractive profession
–Rebundled learning
–Improve teachers’ work life
–Accumulating knowledge about teaching 

Davinia HL
18:18 on 29 January 2013 (Edited 18:20 on 29 January 2013)

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