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Ebbas reflwctions on week 3

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Ebba Ossiannilsson
29 January 2013

  • What are the benefits of these visual representations?
  • Week 3 has been very innovative and creative, I have learned a lot, and learned to think soemwhat more innovative and creative. I especially liked the 7 C and the  tool box
  • Did they help you to think more creatively?
  • Yes, indeed, but you need to laborate a lot , and paly around with it. For this week I could just get an overview
  • What representations did you find more useful?
  • 7C and teh toolbox and the  ind mapping
  • I hae also during this week learned a lot about cloudworks
  • Do you think it would be useful to share these views with students?
  • Yes indeed, I think this part of teh MOOC def can go into a course on leanring design with students

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