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Week 3 learning reflection

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Alice (Xin) Huang
29 January 2013

I am almost at the end of Week3. This week my learning experience headed to a new direction, I connected with Chris, one of my study group buddy by Skype,  we can see each other and discuss about leanring topics in real time, this really made a difference.  We understand each other better, and we learn from each other.  When you are immersed in a sea of information, you simply can't explore everything, so it is very important to be able to share learning findings, As an educational designer, we often talk about how to create interaction between student and student, reflecting on my own experience and how this MOOC course has been designed, I realise that following aspects of the design actually fostered social learning among students:

1. Badge system

To claim a badge, students need to meet a certain criteria. If you make one of the creiteria to comment on other's work at least once,  it might not seem a lot, but it will trigger more feedback on the comment, and will get the interaction going among students.  One of the findings about effective online falictiation is to keep conversation going, either by students or by teacher.  I also noticed, when there is no comment from students, then the teacher will make comment. 

2. The design of the toolbox cloudscapte:

A list of different tools provided for or by us using clouds,  so that each tool will naturally has a host who will look after the space and give feedback or respond to comment in a timely way. This activity is linked to the Resource badge, so I think the design is very clever and very encouraging, I explored more tools than I have planned. 

3. Cloudwork 

Using clouswork as a sapce for studnets to share their learning, finding, and connect with each other. Although there are still some frustrating experience with cloudwork, I think they are acceptible because I have gain way more than that. 

To summary, my third week with MOOC is a bit like treasure hunt, I often get a suprise at my findings,  and my mind has been occupied with the thoughts that how I can apply this to my own context.  I think I am much more movtiated than I first started, I am very looking forward to week 4 and hunting more treasure. 

 To respond the three reflection questions:

  • What three words describe this week's activities?

Treasure hunting, connecting, sharing

  • What did you like about this week?

I have the chance to explore tools, resources and templates and get connected with people. For example, I have tried out a widget authoring tool called Widgat, tested on ipad with ibook author, then I shared my experience in the cloudwork, and I got responses, from Sheila MacNeill who share the tool, from Elaine Pearson  who is  leading the team developing the Widget Authoring and Design Toolkit - WIDGaT and I am invitied to participate via skype meeting! So  this MOOC is turning out to be an unexpected journey for me, I will carry on my treasure hunting!

  • What could be improved?

For each tool, template or resource shared through the cloudworks, if the host can share their own experience of using it or why they would recommend other to try would be more useful. 


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