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Ricardo Nuno Castro Carvalho
29 January 2013

This is how I think that is possible to work online. See the link.

  • Activities = Select 10 sheet musics and send by mail for each of the participants. Give 2 weeks to each musician play the songs. Play with participants on skype at the same time, and each one seperatly.
  • Design methods =Each musician plays at home with the help of some videos from youtube.Play on skype between them and with the teacher. Then they will record his part in audacity and send to the teacher. At the end upload on youtube.
  • Resources = Song book, web cam, an account of e-mail, skype and youtube, and the intrument.
  • Tools = software to support learning design,skype, youtube, audacity, movie maker.

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Penny Wheeler
1:06pm 30 January 2013

Dear Ricardo, for writing and distributing the scores, I wonder whether you would be interested to see this web tool:

I  haven't tried it: I just noticed it as an example of LTI - a tool that can plug into a learning management system like Moodle.

You perhaps know this site:ágina_inicial

best wishes, Penny

Penny Bentley
10:39pm 6 February 2013

Hi Ricardo I love your idea of everyone getting together in Skype to share their music. Can I suggest 2 things... >> the learners reflect on what they are doing & share with others, maybe in a Community of Practice >> instead of using e-mail you set up a shared/collaborative folder in a cloud based space such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Skydrive. That way you (the teacher) can put all class notes, music scores etc) in one place which all students access and take what they need. No need then for you to distribute to everyone. Penny :)

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