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Week 3 Activity 1: different approaches to design.

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Penny Bentley
30 January 2013

I've just done, and lost, an hour's work on Cloudworks...not happy. I saved & it's nowhere to be seen.

OK, not writing it all out again...but the essence of my post was the learning activity I designed for myself, to find out the meaning of Learning Design. 
Used web based tools Answer Garden and Wordle to crowd source and display collected data. 
My process was learner centered (me), I used 2 free, browser based, easy to use tools. Didn't have any previous designs, relied on my tacit knowledge of how to collect, analyse, display information. Don't know where the idea came from, maybe just playing around with web tools for 2 yrs now...these tools survive the ebb and flow of "start ups".
I used my Mac and iPad, had no time etc constraints but had problems re posting my info to Cloudworks and using the Web for crowdsourcing and connecting is unpredictable. 
Hope it turns up on CloudWords...anyone else having trouble posting/making clouds today? 
Not cranky anymore...going to  have lunch :)

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