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Penny Bentley
31 January 2013

I'm interested in learning design tools for educators that are web-based, free or minimul cost for advanced features, quick to learn, easy to use, engaging, visual and can be used on a range of mobile devices.Working online doesn't lend itself to heaps of text, there are many other, much better ways to distribute knowledge/instructions etc. We need to sync, backup work etc. Productivity and workflow are so important too. 

Tools I've used so far in the #oldsmooc are:

  • AnswerGarden: an online brainstorming/survey tool used to collect real time data.
  • Wallwisher: also an online brainstorming/collaborative note taking etc workspace.
  • Flickr: an image storage and sharing space, users can control Creative Commons liscence, sharing and privacy options. Here's my #oldsmooc set I have started to use.
  • SoundCloud: audio tools are a great alternative to text based instructions, feedback, reporting etc. Listen in if you like the sound of warbling magpies from Oz. Like Flickr, users can control many settings.
  • Paper by 53: a note taking, scribbly arty kind of app that is truly beautiful and easy to use. Keep your ideas coming, create journals, backup by saving etc.
  • Google based presentations work well, bypasses the need for PowerPoint if you don't need many functions.

Better stop here otherwise I'll fill up Cloudworks. 

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