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Jonathan Vernon
31 January 2013

It's taken me three hours to go through the hour long Google Hang out.

I've extracted Prof. Grainne Conole from the mix here

The 7Cs of Learning Design and the Larnica Declaration 

I'll make more of my notes in due course, in particular the insights offered by Australian Maths teacher Penny Bentley. This grounds us all in what education means running a class with a group of 30+ teenagers across the broadest spectrum of interest and ability.

In truth how often do we understand how users actually behave when they use e-learning? Let's see them at home, tracking thier use and behaviours. Some task.

We do a lot of this planning without calling it the 7cs.

I’m thinking from the POV of my students how I get the message across.
You never want to dumb it down, but to try to get the teenagers to understand what you are talking about you use different diagrams and words, metaphors and analogies.

So 7Cs could be a learning task.
As a maths teacher what would fit this framework.

Creativity and precision go hand in hand.

Driven by standardised testing. This is mapped out for them. How do you creatively present that to your students?
Are they from an aboriginal community?
Are they from a youth detention centre?
So have a problem with the idea of personas.
I walk into a class of 30 and have the very bright, who won’t do more of the same, they need to be extended.
Middle ground.

Bright, but disengaged. They want more … so how do you reach them.

Then those who need learning support, such as with Aspergers syndrome, highly
stressed in busy, open plan group work when they need solitute, isolation and peace and quiet to be creative.
Trying to address these temperaments is the issue.
e.g. who has done a 360 on their skateboard. They recognise a 360 circle in their context.




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