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Tool: Omnigraffle

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Rebecca Galley
31 January 2013

From Wikipedia: OmniGraffle is a diagramming application made by The Omni Group. OmniGraffle is built only for Mac OS X and the iPad. It may be used to create diagrams, flow charts, org charts, and illustrations. It features a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG interface. "Stencils"—groups of shapes to drag and drop—are available as extensions for OmniGraffle, and users can create their own stencils.

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Omnigraffle tutorial

Omnigraffle tutorial

added by Rebecca Galley

Omnigraffle in plain English

Omnigraffle in plain English

added by Rebecca Galley


Alice (Xin) Huang
8:26pm 7 February 2013

Hi Rebecca, 

I like this tool, Omnigraffle, it is a mac app, compare to visio, what is the main advantages of using Omnigraffle?Do you have more exmaple of learning design using Omnigraffle?



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