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Alternated Individual and Group Discourse (eStep)

Wouldn't be a great solution for students with 15 years old? Now they have a lots of knowledge in new tecnologies. My project is on music, this design because has video, audio, PBL Online, a collection of small-group activities that use the traditional PBL process model, is great for learning in my project.

Could we adapt this for students with 15 years old? They could be lost? They would know how to work with this design?

Please make your comments util 04/02/2013



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Helen Guerin
7:44pm 2 February 2013 (Edited 7:44pm 2 February 2013)

Hi Ricardo,

Yes I thin you could certainly adapt eSTEP for 15 year olds, as its a very user-friendly tool. Don't worry if some of the students fall a little behind, they fellow students will help them along. Often we under estimate the power of peer-to-peer learning.

Best of luck. Regards, Helen

Cristina Neto
10:57pm 2 February 2013

Hi, Ricardo

I also think this methodology coould easily be applied to 15 years old students as long as it is well structured, every step clearly defined. It is also important that the students understand the purpose of the activity and the learning outcome they should achieve.

Yishay Mor
11:48pm 2 February 2013

Hi Ricardo,

eStep ( seems to be locked down, but if you're interested in PBL, you can try to implement your own environment. How would you apply this principle?

Tiffany Crosby
3:50am 3 February 2013

Hi Ricardo,

An aternated individual and group discourse could be used on 15 year olds without a problem. In fact, my daughter (who is now a freshman in college) had several teachers that used this approach. She was quite versed in critical analysis, debate and discussion before she left high school. In the beginning, the process was very uncomfortable because students did not know how to discuss without passing judgment. The teacher / facilitator role was quite critical at that stage. So, you would need to be patient with it and let it develop over time along with their communication skills. But what a blessing it would be to add this type of skill to their repertoire.

Simon Walker
7:46pm 3 February 2013

Hi Ricardo, I think this could work well, but may depend on the quality of the case study that would be used to inspire learning. For music, there must be alot of interesting ones  esp if it were framing a career development that they could relate to. I guess my question would be around the kinds of outcomes you were hoping to develop (skills, knowledge, values, ect). Good luck. As they say, no pain, no gain! Life is a risk.



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