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Helen's Principle

Educational Philosophies Wiki Table

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Helen Guerin
2 February 2013

Educational Philosophies Wiki Table

This project is about creating an Educational Philosophies Wiki Table to help higher education educators become more familiar with education philosophies and gain a better understanding of the role of the teacher in facilitating learning from different perspctives.

The idea is that small teams (2/3) will research one of the philosophies in some detail, then post their research in the wiki table, then read other researchers's findings, then comment on these.

Question: What are the benefits and drawbacks of this learning activity?

Comments deadline: Tuesday 5th February 3pm GMT. Thanks in advance.

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Yishay Mor
11:50pm 2 February 2013

Hi Helen,

Which principle from are you using?


Jeff Waistell
9:48am 3 February 2013

Thanks Helen. Regarding your question: What are the benefits and drawbacks of this learning activity? 

-Benefits: enables participants to understand philosophies by crystalllising their thoughts, shortens the reading time by spreading the interrogation of resources out amongst members, creates a lasting repository.

Drawbacks: the approach might not capture the nuances of the philosophies, a wiki could be seen as an authoritative resource and even discourage readers from going back to read the original resources, not reading the original resource might inhibit understanding of the summaries.

What do you think, Helen - and everybody?

Best regards, Jeff

Helen Guerin
3:07pm 3 February 2013 (Edited 3:20pm 3 February 2013)

Hi Yishay, 

I was hoping to make the learner’s learning more visible to themselves and their peers by employing the following principles:

(a) provide students with templates to help reasoning;

(b) encourage learners to learn from others;

(c) employ multiple social activity structures; and

(d) engage learners in instruction of their peers.

I guess I should have articulated this more clearly in the summary. Thanks for drawing my attention to this. Regards, Helen 

Helen Guerin
3:08pm 3 February 2013

Hi Jeff,

Thanks a million for your insights. They are very useful indeed.

Regards, Helen

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