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Free virtual peer mentoring programme for youth!!

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2 February 2013

As you might know, ITunes U is a great new way to provide a rich free learning experience, using just the IPad, IPod or IPhone. For teachers, educators and youth workers we developed a great ITunes U course that uses New Zealand’s peer mentors to share real life stories and empowers youth to overcome obstacles, enable them to discover their true selves and make a difference in life. In order to freely access our ITunes U course, please visit:

The programme consists of over 30 interviews with New Zealand’s peer mentors that share their real life experiences. Because all interviews have their own unique stories and themes, the interviews can be used to discuss many different life aspects. In order to do so, this ITunes U course is divided into different topics and assignments and can be accessed together or as an individual assignment.

The materials available on this resource were collected during a research project that was funded by the Todd Foundation about the structure that creates life-changing impact. The themes that our peer role models speak of are: identity, enablement, education experience and the balance of personal development and social life.

In order to freely access our ITunesU course, please visit:

We would love to hear if you find this course interesting, useful and are planning on using it during the new school year!! 

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Introduction virtual role model project

Introduction virtual role model project

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