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Learning Journal HG wk4

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Helen Guerin
3 February 2013

I found Diane Laurillard's ALT lecture very insightful and it encouraged me to read the recommended papers for Week 4, which really only made sense to me when I started playing with the Pedagogical Patterns Collector. This was an enjoyable experience and the PPC could be a very helpful tool to design course and lesson plans, once I get a bit more practice with it. 

I also liked using the Design Principles Database and found it a great source for ideas and idea generation.

I look forward to playing with these useful tools during the Summer when I have the time to more fully explore and experiment with them in my specific context.

All in all Week 4 was rather enjoyable. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Helen


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Helen Guerin
1:04pm 10 February 2013 (Edited 1:07pm 10 February 2013)


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