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Chris Week 4 Learnig

My reflections on my learning for week 4 of OLDS MOOC

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Chris Basson
4 February 2013

I was very fortunate to find a project at the beginning and connected with Alice (Xin) Huang. It felt to me that we as a group moved from the forming to the norming and performing stage in a very short period of time. This week we have leveraged off each other's strong points and went through the required activities quite quickly, although we started a bit late.

I found the PPD very easy to work with after watching the instructional videos. It took me less than 90 minutes to create actions for a learning event from scratch and extracting it into a pattern.(See Behavior Comparison under user generated patterns.) The PPD is an easy tool to use and I will definitely use it again in the future. 

Working with the DPD was frustrating for a number of reasons. It seems to be outdated as a number of principal technologies are old and as it is with technology if it is old it is irrelevant. A number of links also did not work. The URL links to the principals was not maintained to my frustration as this tool would be able to make it easy to find the right principle for your learning design.

I did learn that it is important to plot and lay out sequential steps to follow when using a technology or principle. Up to now I rarely considered using technology in my learning design and it is definitely something that I will incorporate in the future. I feel that I have gained a paradigm shift from pen and paper into the digital world. The tools are out there you just have to find them.    

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