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Week 4 Learning reflection

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Alice (Xin) Huang
4 February 2013

Week 4 starts getting a bit quite, I feel that not many particpants are still around making comments, and not many comments from tutors as well.  I have come across several issues and send several emails to ask for help, and I got no response at all. So overall, week 4 learning experience is very different from the first 3 weeks, I don't feel supported. DPD tool has a lot of broken link, and the data seems a bit old,  they all developed between 2002-2009,  no body responds to my seek-for -support email, so to me, this DPD site is not really look like active. So I would say week 4 is a let-down experience for me. 

Anyway, my reflection on learning"

This week is mainly about two tools, PPC and DPD. 

PPC - The Pedagogical Patterns Collector suite of tools enables teachers to share their good teaching ideas. It is intended to help a subject teacher see how a particular pedagogic approach can be migrated successfully across different topics.

Chris and I made a google hangout meeting (such a cool too!) and work on PPC together. Both of us find this tool is very useful. We upload two different pattern on same topic about consultative selling skill. But we didn't get feedback from others, not from tutors as well....I think if  tutor can pick some pattern we created and post an new discussion topic in the forum, so we can have a further talk, this will be very useful.


DPD Design principle database

We are very disappointed with this tool.  I followed the instructions and couldn't get registered to try out the design mode.  

I read though the prinples several time, but I couldn't figure out what this tool is really about? All principles put there quite a while ago, has it been maintained, updated? And I don't know who I can turn to ask question.  I wonder what is the point introducing us to this tool? How this tool fits in week 4's topic and the whole design process? I wish we can have more inforamtion on this tool. 


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