IET Technology Coffee Mornings Schedule 2012

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5 February 2013

Technology Coffee Morning Schedule 2012

04 April 2012 - Professor Martin Weller (IET)
What I learnt from 'Flickr Photo a Day

18 April 2012 - Dr Yishay Mor (IET)
Google Apps to Facilitate Dialetical Education

02 May 2012 - Professor Mike Sharples (IET)
The nQuire System for Personal Inquiry Learning

16 May 2012 - Dr Patrick McAndrew (IET)
Learning from Bridge to Success

14 June 2012 - Catherine Chambers (LTS)
Creative approaches to cross-platform content on YouTube and iTunes U

20 June 2012 - Professor Simon Buckingham-Shum (KMi)
Our Enquiry Blogger Project

04 July 2012 - Dr Elton Barker (ARTS) - (10:15 Start for this event only)
Pelagios2 Project

18 July 2012 - Teresa Connolly and Dr Alexander Mikroyannidis (KMi)
Introduction to Responsive Open Learning Environment

05 September 2012 - CANCELLED

19 September 2012 - Dr Mark Woodroffe and Professor Helen Sharp (MCT)
Novice interaction designers' behaviour in different cultures

03 October 2012 - Mike Solly (FELS)
'English In Action' using mobile phones to support professional development  in Bangladesh

17 October 2012 - Keren Mills (Library)
Supporting Learners in Mobile Discovery of Library Resources

07 November 2012 - Laura Dewis (OMU)
OpenLearn: the changing landscape of OER

21 November 2012 - Professor Stefan Rueger (KMi)
uBase: Browsing and searching in image databases using image content

05 December 2012 - Dr Peter Twining and Fiona Henry (FELS)
'ICT', schools and professional development ­ the Vital story

12 December 2012 - Rhodri Thomas (LTS) - Postponed
Realtime Collaboration

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