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Learning Journal HG wk5

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Helen Guerin
6 February 2013

Looking forward to the Prototype stage.

I did a fair bit of reading and reflecting this week and found a couple of insights very helpful in understanding the learning design concepts.

Firstly, I found the article by Anderson & Shattuck (2012) very informative specifically the insight that design-based research (DBR) "could effectively bridge the chasm between research and practice in formal education." I think it would have been very helpful to have this article in week one or two to help frame the pedagogical concepts underpinning this MOOC.

Also, the concept behind 'The Learning Designer' of "an interactive microworld that enables 'teacher-designers' (Goodyear & Yang, 2009) to act like researchers by developing knowledge and practice about teaching and learning." (Laurillard et al. 2012) really helped to clarified matters in my head and has great potential to assist time starved educators.

I look forward with interest to see how the idea of 'structured formats for pedagogical patterns' as described in Laurillard's chapter 'Teaching as developing pedagogical patterns' unfords, putting theory into practice is one of the greatest challenge facing teachers in higher education.

"If you can't throw it away, then you can't really critically evaluate its effectiveness." This comment from Richard Sites blog (@rhillsites) is and would seem to concur with Barab & Squire (2004) criticism of 'researcher bias' in DBR.  However, his recommentation to use tools that allow you to build 'quickly', such as Articulate Storyline, Flash and ZebraZapps, needs further consideration before commenting in greater detail.

References:   Anderson, T. & Shattuck, J. (2012). Design-Based Research: A Decade of Progress in Education Research, Educational Researcher, 41:16-24. Accessed online on 5th January 2013

Chapter 12 of Laurillard, D. (2012). Teaching as a Design Science: Building Pedagogical Patterns for Learning and Technology. New York and London: Routledge.

Laurillard, D., Charlton, P., Craft, B., Dimakopoulos, D., Ljubojevic, D., Magoulas, G., . . . Whittlestone, K. (2011). A constructionist learning environment for teachers to model learning designsJournal of Computer Assisted Learning, (In press).


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