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joshuau: prototyping: vocab learning

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Joshua Underwood
7 February 2013

I'm planning to get back on the oldmooc bus, at least a little this week, and hopefully do some 'prototyping' - probably fairly 'low-fi'.

I'll link to whatever I do manage to do from here.

On issue I am particularly interested in is differentiating 'design in the wild' and 'prototyping'. I do think that new tools offer opportunities to try stuff out (prototype) 'in context' in an increasingly agile way. Prototyping often hasn't taken place in 'authentic' conditions and this can be problematic. So, I guess my feeling is that 'design in the wild' is in essence a form of prototyping but in authentic settings enabled by tools for rapid 'hi-fi' prototyping (and interdisciplinary teams).

Any thoughts?

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Marion Manton
2:20pm 8 February 2013

Hi Joshua

I think you have hit the nail on the head with this one, learning designers obviously do sometimes make new tools, but are far more likely to be exsiting things that are out there, but you still need the process.  It never ceases to amaze me how you can think you have thought of everything but when you try it out.....

Jane Nkosi
9:16am 9 February 2013

Hi Joshua

Thank you for an intersting design. I gives one ineresting ideas on vocabulary teaching. Can one use the same on iPod?

Jane Nkosi

Itana Gimenes
3:20pm 9 February 2013

I think we always design our courses and do prototypes, the difference with Learning design is that we apply and become aware of more resources. If we compare with software development it may lead to a long process, but we can be agile and configure our process to our needs. The cycle of design, prototype, test, is always important. It is up to the designer to choose the adequate resources and tools according to the course scale.

Helen Whitehead
4:38pm 10 February 2013

Interested to see what tools you are usaing to prototype your mLearning design.  I found some prototyping tools and resources for mlearning which might be useful - see the Prototype Toolbox on Cloudworks.


Joshua Underwood
8:47pm 12 February 2013

Hi Itana, yes I think the right tools depend on the scale and resources and time available for development.

Hi Helen, thanks will look at those tools.

Hi Jane, I'm sure you can develop similar for iphone/ipod but I haven't. I think now though I would try to develop in html5 and maybe use phonegap to make versions for each mobile platform.



Marie Arndt
1:12pm 14 February 2013

Hi Joshua,


Just checked through your mLearning demo for vocabulary building. It is really great! I must have a serious think about whether this would work win my real world. Thank you so much for sharing this!



Joshua Underwood
9:49pm 14 February 2013

Marie, I'm still trying to find to think about how to prototype something around Mark's scenario for Engineering students in Saudi on Google group he set up. Have you looked at that?

Glad you found the 'demo' interesting.


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