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DIY Multimedia Pedagogical Pattern Creator - OLDs MOOC WK4

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Jonathan Vernon
8 February 2013

Producing 45 minutes of online multimedia activities

To What End: Teams of three working to create a series of short, simple set of e-tivities.

By what Means:  Introduction to the activity. Collaboration to achieve goal in resources-limited conditions. Reflection on team work, authoring the content, time management and perceived effectiveness of the resource. Day long workshop approach, 2 hours before lunch, 3 hours in the afternoon with ample room for breaks. Expect 15 participants.

Total session time: 300 minutes. 5 Hours.

9.30 am Registration
10.00 am Start
11.15 am Break
11.30 am restart
12.30 LUNCH
1.30 pm Afternoon Session 1
2.30 END
2.30 Afternoon Session 2
3.30 END
3.30Afternoon Session 3
4.30 END
5.00 Reflection

TLA 1: Introduction to the activity time allotted =55 minutes

Instructor presents the session activity, including the objective to achieve, the materials available, the restrictions, and the rules of winning. The task is to create a 45 minute multi-media module using a variety of formats using only Xerte or Wordpress, an accessible power point like platform or a versatile blogging platform and tool.

The winning team is decided by peers. (Read Watch Listen -  25 minutes)

Instructor breaks the whole class into small groups, asks students to introduce themselves to group members and to other groups, and to ask any questions about the activity. (Discuss -  30 minutes)

TLA 2: Collaboration to achieve goal in resources-limited conditions time allotted =180 minutes

Groups of students work together to complete the task; the instructor walks around the room to monitor the interactions and draft outputs, noting issues for the class discussion; gives 10-minute and 5-minute warnings. Each group makes their finished e-tivity available for the other groups to evaluate.

Three iterations of 45 minutes each - with 15 minutes in the hour to break. (Produce -  150 minutes)

The ‘smorgasbord’ of activities on the chosen platform might be between 6 to 9, though some of these would be very straight forward - read text, watch and take notes from video, comment on set of pictures or interpret a chart, while others might be more complex, for example creating a set of plausible and valuable multiple-choice questions that both in form and test the participant. Similarly scripting, shooting, editing and loading a short piece of video (aim for under 90 seconds) would take the full 45 minutes allocated.

Instructor invites each group to decide on their own criterion for judging what other groups have produced, then to inspect all the others and award 1st 2nd and 3rd prize according to their criterion. (Collaborate -  30 minutes)

TLA 3: Reflection on team work time management, criteria formation time allotted =65 minutes

Instructor chairs a class discussion about the process, the criteria they have chosen, and prompts them to reflect on their experience of managing time. (Discuss -  45 minutes)

Instructor sums up some of the key issues for achieving a 45 minute multi-media module using a variety of formats, and the time-management principles that emerge; circulates copies to the class. (Read Watch Listen -  20 minutes)

Notes - Post session - Each student is given a similar task to work on independently within a specified time period.

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