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OLDs MOOC Wk4 PPC Coaching swimmers with a disability OK

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Jonathan Vernon
8 February 2013

To What End: Coaching athletes with a disability

By what Means:  Briefing,  Planning Data Collection,  Collecting data,  Analysing data and presenting data as evidence,  Reflecting on practice using evidence,
Total session time: 180 minutes.

TLA 1: Briefing time allotted =20 minutes

Coach introduces the importance of focusing on the abilities and strengths of the disabled athlete. This required gaining the trust and builing a rapport with the athlete, using what they can tell you about their experience.  (teacher facilitated , group size: 12, Read Watch Listen -  20 minutes)

TLA 2: Planning Data Collection time allotted =20 minutes

Students are grouped into small teams with an athlete to consider how a training plan might be adopted to suit their purposes.  (independent , group size: 3, Collaborate -  20 minutes)

TLA 3: Collecting data time allotted =60 minutes

Two only with an athlete go poolside to work on a skill.  (independent , group size: 2, Practice -  60 minutes)

TLA 4: Analysing data and presenting data as evidence time allotted =60 minutes

The teams select the best examples of evidence in the recorded data and share them with the rest of the group, providing an explanatory summary for each piece of evidence (independent , group size: 6, Collaborate -  30 minutes)
All class members explore the collected materials (independent , group size: 12, Collaborate -  30 minutes)

TLA 5: Reflecting on practice using evidence time allotted =20 minutes

The teacher uses the collected materials as stimuli to facilitate a discussion amongst the whole group about the links between students' own  and the general principles of  (Discuss - 45 minutes) (teacher facilitated , group size: 16, Discuss -  20 minutes)

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