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IET TCM Event 2013: ACI - Animal-Computer Interaction

4 June 2013

Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor

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Lynda Davies
8 February 2013

Background: We live in a society where computing technology has become ubiquitous and interacting with computing devices no longer means using a keyboard. Embedded in the fabric of our cities, workplaces, homes, vehicles, clothes and even bodies, ‘smart’ systems allow us to relate to the world around us, one another and even ourselves in unprecedented ways. Animals too are ubiquitous in society. They are directly or indirectly involved in every aspect of our life and, like us, they too interact with computing technology in a variety of contexts. However, unlike human technology, animal technology is seldom developed from a user perspective and all too often, instead of technology adapting to them, animals are expected to adapt to technology. To address this lack of animal-centred perspective, we are developing a novel research area called Animal-Computer Interaction.

Abstract: In this talk I will introduce Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI) as an emerging research discipline, aiming to develop a user-centered approach to the design of technology intended for animals. I will introduce our recently established ACI Lab at the OU and the collaborations of the ACI team with a variety of external partners. In particular, I will discuss examples of the group’s recent, ongoing and planned projects, including: studying the effects of dog-tracking technology on human-animal relations; designing canine-friendly interfaces to support the work of assistance dogs; investigating ‘smart’ environments for improving animal welfare; or creating computing-enabled playful experiences for elephants and humans. Finally, I will briefly discuss why even those who are not particularly interested in nonhuman animals should care about ACI.

Publications: The ACI Manifesto was published by ACM Interaction in 2011. The dog-tracking work, co-authored also by my colleague Janet van der Linden and research partners at Retrieva Tracking, was nominated for Best Paper at the 14th International Conference in Ubiquitous Computing, Ubicomp’12.

Presenter: Dr Clara Mancini (MCT)

Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor

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IET TCM Event 2013: ACI-Animal-Computer Interaction presented by Dr Clara Mancini

IET TCM Event 2013: ACI-Animal-Computer Interaction presented by Dr Clara Mancini

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Lynda Davies
9:06am 7 June 2013

Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed this session, the topic of ACI was very interesting and the session informative (I’ve already emailed Clara to say thank you). Although the session was not directly relevant to my work, I found it really interesting to have an insight into some of the research projects that are being done at the OU.


Chris Yates

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