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Will Pollard Learning Journal Week Five - Prototype

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Will Pollard
8 February 2013

This week is more or less back in real time. I am sort of following the idea of a prototype but not exactly as suggested. I am trying to move back to the social video production project.

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Will Pollard
6:09pm 8 February 2013

I have started with two blog psts that make sense for me. I have done them in the time available and I can relate them to a small group of people during this week and next.

Follows another loop with the actual course.


Will Pollard
10:37am 13 February 2013

I am leaving bthis till later in the week as I will meet people face to face on Thursday and expect to get feedback on the screenshots about Remix on YouTube. So the structure of weeks is a bit variable. ( I have had a sneak preview on next week so think I can catch up )

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