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Penny Bentley
9 February 2013

My project is a course designed to bring academocs/teachers up to speed with working online for teaching and moocing.
At this stage I've mapped things out and have most of the e-frastructure in place such as @moocskills, #moocskills, (still needs domain mapping prob. sorted), ets.
I have 2 volunteer guineapigs who I contacted thismorning. 
My prototype begins with finding real people "out there" who best represent the learners for my course. 
I'll begin by understanding their "personas" so I can personalise the course to their needs.  

My Google Drive housed at will be one of my prototype tools. It's a pity that a public Google Doc can't be embedded in a cloud...maybe I'm overlooking something. 

I'd like some more guineapigs, so please add to my Google Doc to join the class. 


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Diana Laurilllard
11:08am 10 February 2013

This is a great idea Penny and certain a form of prototyping. Important to get reactions from target learner's but also good to get experts to act like target learners because they will often be more challenging.

Jane Challinor
12:42pm 10 February 2013

Agreed - great idea Penny. I'm guessing you also need a guinea pig who lacks digital skills.... but has an interest in developing them?


Helen Guerin
2:41pm 10 February 2013

Hi Penny, 

Very impressive workplan. Im attempting something along the same lines, but you are much further advanced then I am, so I don't think I can make any useful suggestions at this point. If I think of anything I'll let you know.

One thing Im struggling with is the duration of the learning intervention. How much time do you think a learner will take to complete your course?

Regards, Helen

Art Oglesby
8:46pm 12 February 2013

Hi Penny,

I would like to play in your garden, too.

This is very similar to My Dream: a Digital Literacy MOOC.

Great minds think alike - - I bought and registered #dglt.


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