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Prototyping Plan HG

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Helen Guerin
10 February 2013

This i where my plan will be when I've completed Draft 2.


Learning Intervention: Teaching Educators to Write a Script for a podcast.

Learning Approach:   Action Research

Topic:                          Traditional Irish Music

Learning outcomes:   Understand the difference between gigs and reels


Learning activities:    1. Listen to a series of recordings.

                                    2. Review sheet music.

                                    3. Audio record themselves humming one gig and one reel.

                                    4. Collaborate with peers to review their podcasts.

                                    5. Comment on two peer recordings on the Discussion


6. Write a brief reflection on how a gig differs from a reel.

7. Post a reference to one of their favourite piece of Trad.


Learning elements:   Acquisition, practice, discussion, production, reflection.

Tools:                          iTunes and selected recordings and sheet music.

Students:                    HE Educators


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Helen Crump
5:23pm 10 February 2013

"This i where my plan will be when I've completed Draft 2" _ Gosh, Helen, you're certainly cranking up the anticipation. I look forward to seeing your prototyping plan.

Heeln C

Helen Guerin
10:30am 11 February 2013

Hi Helen, I can assure you that this has more to do with getting things done in little bits and pieces when time permits, rather than any great master plan :-)

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