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Prototyping - Helen Whitehead's Moodle Grades course - OLDSMOOC week 5

A prototype plan

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Helen Whitehead
10 February 2013

Prototyping Moving on with Moodle (an advanced Moodle course for staff)

The introduction to all this is in my OLDSMOOC Learning Journal

I am prototyping by producing a more or less complete working version of one of the activities. If this works OK I’ll rewrite the whole course in this way. I’m prototyping my live demo using Jing to create a sceencast.   [Note: Is this really a prototype?]

Set goal – to understand how Grades work in Moodle

Describe task: view Grader report, change number of rows, add two marks, create a grade item, export the gradebook and re-import.

Tool – Moodle training course space

Data collection

  • Observe how users interact with the instructions, take notes of actions, timings and talk
  • Refer back to any interesting moments – especially any in which they vary from the designed activity - and ask what they were thinking at that moment or why they took that action.

The activity is to understand how Grades work in Moodle

Elements required in prototype:

  • Moodle course space with Grades pre-set up
  • Demo + Instructions to do some tasks within Moodle’s Grades.

Extra content

My Prototype

Moodle Grades instructions

Moodle Grades Demo video

I'll be doing an observation on people trying this on Wednesday.

Please feel free to comment!

Helen Whitehead
16:15 on 10 February 2013 (Edited 16:25 on 10 February 2013)

Results of my prototyping are in my Learning Journal

Helen Whitehead
08:07 on 18 February 2013

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Helen Crump
5:20pm 10 February 2013

Hi Helen

I'm just returning your invitation to "feel free to comment". My point is that I'd love to comment, but I just don't feel that I understand enough about many of the projects that people are working on or that I have enough grasp of learning design to make worthwhile comments. This is my first foray into learning design, indeed as yet I don't even teach online or use use a VLE, so all I can really do at this stage is to "look and learn" and to cheer others on in their endeavours.

Hope all goes well with your prototype exercise and you get to learn plenty about Moodle Grades.

Helen C

Jane Nkosi
7:53am 11 February 2013

Hi Helen,

I quite liked the vidieo demonstration on moodle grades. I have learnt a lot on how you can import and export between excel and Moodle. This makes a lot of sense to me.


Jane Nkosi

Helen Whitehead
11:38am 11 February 2013

Thanks for your comments Helen & Jane


Ida Brandão
3:31pm 12 February 2013

Hi Helen,

I also use Moodle in my Department to run a community of teachers but have never used the grades system.

The courses we have created and tested for teacher training had never summative assessment, just formative and peer feedback.

But I imagine that for institutions that need to grade students, it must be very useful.

I like Moodle because it´s very flexible and we can link practically everything. The forum is very convenient for discussions and news. The wiki is not so great. I prefer PBworks, it's more robust and with better features.

I like the Moodle ebook, which is very useful for course outline. The submission tool also works well.

Long live Moodle!

gideon williams
5:51pm 1 April 2013

Really interesting piece of work here. Great video - clear, concise and easy to follow. Use Gradebook quite a bit but only for showing assignments. Never really altered features within it so this has been a hugely worthwhile 40 minutes or so.

The helpsheet backs up the video really well. I found it best watchign video, going through the helpsheet then watching the video again.

A couple of points - the video does not show the uploading/importing of grades and perhaps the helpsheet could finish off with a printscreen showing this too - or did I miss something?

Many thanks.

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