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IET TCM Event 2013: JUXTALEARN: Overcoming ‘I don’t understand why they don’t understand’

18 June 2013

Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am

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Lynda Davies
11 February 2013

How the JUXTALEARN project is overcoming the problem of pupils and students not understanding complex scientific and technological concepts

If you are based on campus please join us for this informal, face-to-face session, have a cup of coffee/tea (with biscuits!) and contribute to the discussion.  This event will be broadcast live online for every one to watch and will be recorded for replay.

Abstract: School and University students studying science and technology often encounter barriers to their understanding of complex concepts.  However, unlike in the arts, students are frequently poorly motivated to overcome these barriers.  Focusing on ‘performance’ JuxtaLearn will provoke student curiosity in science and technology understanding through creative film making, editing and sharing activities. 

We will present evidence from science and technology case-studies in schools and the OU (TU100 & Science) that cover issues around:

  • What are the stumbling blocks to understanding that can cause retention issues and poor exam results?
  • How can we identify personal threshold concepts?
  • How can performance (in particular videos) support understanding these threshold concepts?
  • What role do technologies and interactions play in supporting curiosity and developing understanding?  

We will unveil initial developments in the creative application of concepts in activities juxtaposed to traditional understanding.  Initial state of the art technology prototypes will be presented that support students’ transferable reflections focusing on two pedagogical approaches:  juxtaposition performance and reflective performance.

Presenters: Dr Anne Adams and Dr Gill Clough (IET)

Live Link to online broadcast

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