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Xin' prototype: Questions about Prototyping (an example from my work context)

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Alice (Xin) Huang
11 February 2013

I am not very clear about prototying in terms of learning design if we are not using a programmer.  For example, if the learning designer is using Adobe Captivate or Articulate or Powerpoint to create some kind of learning objects as part of the overall learning activities, ususally we will put together a course design blue print for key stakeholder to have a overall understanding what the course is going to look like. Now that I have read the information about prototying,  (before, I always thought prototyping is for software design, or game design) , I realise that the course blueprint I created might acturally be prototyping process, please have a look at the attached link, where you will find a series of JPEGs of learning activities I designed  for the first two modules of a eleanring course. (created originally from Microsoft visio) . 

After I have created it, I had several meetings with different stake holders to get their feedback then I finalised the design plan before the design team started working on it.

I would like your comments on following aspect:

 1. Is this a kind of prototyping process? or just a consultation process? 

2. Is there a better way to visualise the design thinking for stakeholders

3. Is there a better way to collect feedback from stakeholders other than face to face meetings?  For example, what I learned from this sesion is maybe a PPT with questions written in the notes section?

4. At what stage this prototyping activity should happen? (Before or after all content/learning materials have been identified?) 



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