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Itana Gimenes
12 February 2013

Plan for prootyping the activity "Develop Stories" in

A sketch of the planned activities are in

The plan includes Reading tasks, Follow a scenario example and develop user stories for a project which the students have already defined. The course guide includes the necessary reading. The VLE includes tasks, links, forum and wikis to support discussions. The example of the scenario which is illustrated in the plan sketch will include video interviews with a potential client of the illustrate systems. Reflections should be mixed with the video as call out instigating students to reflect on important software engineering concepts.

Data collection will be based on learners' output of the activities designed and on observation of the learners discussion forum and wikis.

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Marion Manton
8:51am 13 February 2013

Hi Itana

I like your thoughts about timings at the start - getting these right makes a huge difference to this sort of activity, especially if you really need students to work together.

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