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Marie's Reflections on week 3

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Marie Arndt
12 February 2013

I have done weeks 2 and 3 in quick succession, and I have been taking the short route in many ways. Focussing on week 3 I thought the activity cards were very good, because it forced me to think of the lements in the course I was envisaging. I have ended up doing blended LD, but i think it can easily be tweeked to make material accessible to students when the internet is not working. Instructions, videos and worksheets can be available offline and uploaded when network is accessible.

I saw that some people had made use of CompendiumLD. I was introduced to this tiil when I did my MAODE, andound it irritat8ingly fiddly, and difficult to get the nodes to stick where I wanted them. I was not going to risk the same situation again, so I didn't use it. The spreadsheet with the facility to fill in context, rationale and details of  LD was far to involved for me at this stage. I was keen to get to the creative aspect and try out some tools!

In my design I used Wallwisher as a new tool that I haven't used before. My result is basic, but it was a trial.i could probably just as well have used Prezi for what I was aiming for. In all my chaos I have been inspired and keep thinking about my project and how I can adapt it to the context in which it will,. hopefully, be used.

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