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IET TCM Event 2013:The OpenScience Laboratory: at the cutting edge of practical science

20 November 2013

Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor at 10:00 am

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Lynda Davies
12 February 2013

The innovative OpenScience lab at the cutting edge of practical science

If you are based on campus please join us for this informal, face-to-face session, have a cup of coffee/tea (with biscuits!) and contribute to the discussion.  This event will be broadcast live online for every one to watch and will be recorded for replay.

Abstract: The OpenScience Laboratory ( is "an app store" featuring engagements in practical science, ranging from enquiries involving iSpot to robotically controlled observations of the night sky.  The content is mostly, but not exclusively related to HE. The initial development of the OpenScience Lab has been funded by the Wolfson Foundation. It is now being built into the VLE for the Science Faculty's curriculum as the place where we do online practical work. The challenges of online practical work include the psychological (sense of place and dimensionality on a 2D screen), the physical (essential interactions mediated via keyboard and mouse) and the metaphysical (the nature of experimentation over the internet). It will be interesting to compare notes on these issues.

Presenter:  James Smith and Professor Nicholas Braithwaite (Science)

Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor

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Twitter hashtag: #ouTCM

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Robert Farrow
11:03am 15 November 2013

I'll be very interested to learn how "the nature of experimentation over the internet" is metaphysical!

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