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Sustainability Seek & Deploy: Jeff Waistell

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Jeff Waistell
15 February 2013

For the 'seek and deploy' activity, I went to SCORE (Support Centre for Open Resources in Education) at

Inside there, I found Scitable - a free science library and personal learning tool by Nature Publishing Group, a publisher of science -


Then I clicked on the Ecology section of the Knowledge Project, a new initiative by Nature Education. The Knowledge Project works with the scientific community to build an open access library of peer reviewed educational articles. Each article is written by experts in their field and peer reviewed by other experts. The Ecology Knowledge Project currently contains close to a hundred articles across ten topics, from the basics of evolution to landscape and global ecology.

Inside there, I clicked on 'Teach Ecology' - - a great resource for my Sustainability project design, as it covers the most important concepts to communicate in ecology courses and the best ways to connect ecology to the lives of students. There is the Teach Ecology Topic Room, a collection of peer-reviewed educational articles.

Extra content

I will ask students to:

-each read 1 different article

-summarise the main arguments and findings

-articulate the conclusions and recommendations within the article

-articulate the conclusions and recommendations, relevant to their own lives and contexts, based on the article

-critique the article (e.g. assumptions, the need for more research, etc.).

-find another relevant OER

Jeff Waistell
08:54 on 15 February 2013

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David White
12:20pm 15 February 2013

This looks like a great resource. I've been looking at the site and it's not clear if this is a Creative Commons resource or not. It might not be a problem of course depending on how you plan to use it. I have found that quite a few OER links end up at site which aern't OER.

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