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Week 6: Identifying OER for Learning Design

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Jane Nkosi
15 February 2013

Task 2 : Find an online OER which can be used in your design. Design and create a

The concept of open education and open resources is quite interesting as it breaks the walls between educators and creators of educational resources. When trying to search for what could be useful in my situation I thought Extreme Learning was relevant to my design.

Extreme Learning  uses technology to transform learning and make it more appealing to the learners. The designs include watching an online video in TED, LinkTV, CurrentTV, or YouTube. It opens access to a wider range of people in society.From this link I found various websites on language learning I thought  BBC Learning English: would be more relevant for my design as I am interested in vocabulary for EAP. I hope the learners will be able to manipulate words and develop appropriate vocabulary for academic writing.


Jane Nkosi

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