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"What do open practices mean for my work?" asks Jeff Waistell

OER implications?

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Jeff Waistell
15 February 2013

"What do open practices mean for my work?"

  • Collapse the boundaries between my research and teaching: my reflections will be openly available online, accessible for student learning, while also being a formative repository of my thinking (prior to journal publications).
  • No longer limiting my knowledge-sharing to student groups of 25: my reflections are available to the world - a larger audience - but not just an audience - maybe I will get feedback and debate going with the people who read my OER.
  • Greater opportunities for collaboration with active others and passive others (whose OERs I use)
  • Marketing for my MBA programme, Department and University
  • A sustainability OER is particularly important for sharing with many others...we all share 1 it is in everyone's interests to share learning, debate, and action on sustainability.
  • Where will all this lead? All universities become open universities. Everyone becomes researchers. Everyone becomes teachers. Everyone becomes learners. Knowledge management comes into its own through OER: creating, sharing, storing, and re-using of knowledge is advanced through massive global participation. 
  • How will pedagogy change? Educators become facilitators of massive open education, where participants source, create, develop and share their knowledge through their own OERs.
  • Will OER spawn more open sharing of resources in other spheres, e.g. media, government, law, etc.?

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