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Moodle Training: seek and deploy (Helen Whitehead oldsmooc-w6)

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Helen Whitehead
16 February 2013

For one of my projects we've gone straight to our University's open educational resouyrces repository because we knew they were there!

To give myself a little more of a challenge I thought I'd carry on with one of my other current design challenges, the Moving on with Moodle training course which I prototyped last week.

I used first (which is for searching OER), and then Jorum, which is an actual repository.  There I found a lot more basic resources, but also a couple which might come in handy for advanced Moodle training:

All of these allow amendment.

Also looking into how to make my own publicly available Moodle training materials and helpsheets available as OERs.

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Joanna Wild
8:43am 17 February 2013

Hi Helen

These are great results of your search 'elsewhere' i.e. beyond the local repository. Are you planning to adapt any of these for reuse in the Moodle training you've been designing? What kinds of adaptations do you think would be necessary? Or in other words, having looked at these OERs, how do you make a decision: adapt an existing resource OR create my own from scratch? What kind of criteria would you use to help you arrive at this decision? My question is triggered by a recent blog post by Apostolos where he reflects on the whole process of searching for, finding and adapting OERs and expresses his concerns about the amount of effort it can take:

It would be great to hear your thoughts.


Since you are working now on turning your own materials into OER, you might find this video helpful: (if you haven't looked at it already). It's only 5min long. 


Helen Whitehead
8:28am 18 February 2013 (Edited 8:30am 18 February 2013)

Looking further at how do I make the decision whether to use or adapt and use or not use, I have to think about:

  • Will our users be able to relate to this material - does it look enough like what they're used to (e.g. the screenshots may be of a very different loooking Moodle)
  • If it is very branded to another University then that will need to be explained.
  • Does it suit the context (e.g., online training, webinar, face to face training)
  • Does the content cover the learning outcomes and support moving towards any assessment?
  • Does the timing work? (If the OER is designed to take 2 hours to get through and this section is supposed to take 15 minutes in my course, is it any use?)
  • Is there anything in the material that is incorrect so far as our context is concerned (functionality that is different, instructions that are confusing if not completely misleading when applied to our installation)

More reflections on this process are in my Learning Journal entry for Week 5

Joanna Wild
1:43pm 19 February 2013

Thanks Helen for sharing your thoughts on this. I also visited you Learning Journal and commented there on you reflection on OERs

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