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Briar Jamieson
16 February 2013

It is true, finding OER resources is not easy. You really do need to cultivate communities, OLDSMOOC is a nice example, but even more specifically colleagues in the same subject area. I am still not sure how many of my colleagues across the country know of these resources that I am linking too (outreach to teachers is also a consideration for developing 'pathways' to resources.)  Sorry, I am getting more blog posting than sharing the links.  

I feel I am 'cheating' a bit in this activity as already know about these resources and trust their developers and team of SME's.  These are resources created for Newcomers to Canada and meant to be use with F2F classes during Computer Lab time.  I have shared the main link above, as this is the site where you can see the ''CC BY NC SA" licence.  However, when you link into the areas with the actual scorm compliant learning objects, there is no CC license just an explanation of the context of use and where they can be used.  I am going to contact the developers next week and ask about this, should the license also be on the page it is on...hmmm...knowing what I do about the group, I am sure they are open, but because the license is not so evident, why the confusion eh?

There are also PDF's for classroom activities and audio files, just scroll all the way down the page.

LINC 2: Learning Objects (Community, Banking, Canada) 

LINC 3: Learning Objects (Community, Banking, Canada/Culture, Law...)

LINC 4: Learning Objects (Family, Health, Travel...)

For higher levels, there is also Classroom Activity Book.

 LINC 5-7: Learning Objects (Academic Skills, Business Writing, Looking for a Job...)

(Note: Iwona Gniadek can you explain our CLB (LINC levels) equivalency to CEFR in the discussion.)

Edit: Same day a few hours later: I have looked at the Activity books and those are restricted use.  Now I am unsure about the use of the Learning Objects.  I am investigating further.  Hmm...embarrassing #OER fail for seek&deploy...I hope not.  Interesting learning about the muddle though :)

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Joanna Wild
12:22pm 17 February 2013

Hi Briar,

The experience you describe serves really well to illustrate the importance of attaching open licences to the resources one publishes on the Web with the aim for others to (re)use. I looked at the resources and I also think that a person who shared them meant for them to be open for reuse.  However, from the descriptions that the authors provide, it is not clear at all what is allowed. Also, as you noticed, some of the materials within the packages are actually copyrighted. This happens a lot, so well done for paying attention to detail.  

It's definitely worth contacting the developers and checking, if they would be happy to attach open licences to, at least some of, these resources.

I look forward to hearing about the outcomes of your investigation into it.



Marie Arndt
1:52pm 21 February 2013

I agree, Joanna.  There is so much value in these kind of activities, so it would really be good to know if they can be revamped and used for different geographical contexts. Thanks Briar for sharing these examples.



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